Underground Sports Connection was created to find long
term quality clients who all understand how hard it is to
get an edge on the odds makers and collect consistently
from the book makers.  With discipline from you and my
knowledge we can and will make money on my sports
picks.  This service is only for serious players who like me
want to win!

I have been around this industry for 26+ years now and
won and lost every way imaginable, so I never get too
high or too low.  And after all the ups and downs I manage
to stay focused & keep that edge we need to prosper.  

I got into this business because of my uncanny ability to
pick point spread winners combine that with the love I
have for numbers and the sports that I handicap, its a
perfect fit for me and I am here to stay!  

I am not here to rip you off and make false claims.  All the
handicappers featured at this site are monitored and
records can be verified - numbers do not lie!

Remember that sports betting is a marathon not a sprint.
So to be successful It takes many more hours than the
average person has or is willing to give up daily, if you do
not have the time to do the job - then join us TODAY and
enjoy the investment you just made (It will pay off) and let
us do all the work for you.

I have been told several times that I was the most honest
sports handicapper in the business from many of my
clients and that speaks volume - but my main goal is to be
the one you keep coming back to, not just because I am
honest, but because I made you money!

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Team Underground
 Underground Original - Reece Roberts